3 Tricks to Differentiate Your Ad Using Photoshop (POF Ad Example)

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Plenty Of Fish is an online dating site that is popular. In Plenty Of Fish, you can make an ad for introducing yourself. You can create it by yourself by following some easy steps. But wait, before you create your ad by using photoshop, there are several tricks that you can apply.

First is making round edge. When you have a plan to create an ad by using photoshop for POF ad, you have to consider certain things. The appearance of ad has to be perfect and attractive so that it can steal the attention of people when they are seeing it. So, you can make a round edge on your ad. How to do that? The first thing that you have to do is to open photoshop file. Then, select the file of photo which you want to make. After that, click new layer on the right bottom of the screen. There is a word of layer on it. Take a line on the picture that is chosen from right top to the bottom. Next, don’t forget to click ┬áSelect, select Modify, and pick out Smooth. When you choose smooth, you just change the sample radius. It generally takes 12 pixels and you should change it to be 10 pixels. Now, click Select and choose Inverse. Click your cursor randomly on the screen.

Second is creating drop shadow. It is done after creating round edge on the picture selected. To do this, click on the icon of arrow that is on the left top of the screen. After that, you have to move your picture on the photoshop in the perfect spot. Next, make a drop shadow on your ad. To do that, you can click layer 1 on the area of left bottom and then click Planning Art. There will come up a page of this menu. You have to modify it. Select drop shadow by clicking it. You can find the drop shadow on the right top of the menu page. In this page, you have to change some settings. Modify it. You have to change distance to be 10 and size to be 10. You can find the distance and the size on the right space on this menu page. If you have done it, click OK.

Third is checking your ad. If you have followed the steps above to differentiate your ad on photoshop, you have to check your ad now. This is the last trick to do. You are able to do several ways to check if it is the real or not. The ad of yours can be checked by zooming it by using the sign of arrow that you can find on the left top on the screen. You are able to move it to the left and right direction to recognize it.

Okay, that’s all 3 tricks to differentiate your ad by using Photoshop with POF ad example. Hopefully, this article can really help you. Thank you for reading this site and don’t forget to share this.

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