How to Build a Simple Landing Page for POF Using Dreamweaver

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There are so many online dating sites that you can find in the internet. Those sites offer any kinds of features that can help you to find your soulmate. There is one of online dating sites that is very popular mainly in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and Ireland. Even this site was announced by Google Trends in 2015 as the first ranked of number one search for free dating site. POF offers a free use and also a premium membership where you have to pay for it. The features that you can use in POF are Search Engine, Match Algorithms, Personality Assessments, Favorites, Meet Me, Flirts, Mobile Users, Viewed Me, Local Events, Top Prospects, Email Updates and Call. If you join a premium membership, you can use some additional features like removing ads, uploading 16 images, sending three gifts per day, knowing the date and time someone viewed your profile, seeing whether your sent messages were read or deleted, and showing up first on Meet Me.

Perhaps you wish to advertise on POF. If so, you can decide whether to use a landing page or not. If you use a landing page, the users of POF who click on your ads will go to your landing page that then will direct them to your page of advertiser. Perhaps some of you think that a landing page is useless because it gets in the way. The users of POF who are interested in clicking your ads are hoped to experience interest boost when they arrive at your landing page before they go straight to your page of advertiser. Building a landing page that has quality is important when running a campaign on POF. Sometimes, making a successful landing page can be boring, difficult and even time consuming. But now, you do not need to be worried because you can do that by the help of Dreamweaver to make unique and profitable landing pages quickly and easily.

How to Build a Simple Landing Page for POF Using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a tool to create webpage that is user-friendly, either HTML or PHP based. Using this tool, you do not have to own stellar knowledge about scripting in order to make a landing page. To make a simple POF landing page by using Dreamweaver, you need two main components which consist of an index.php file which becomes the page and a style.css file which will define how page elements come up on the page. If you have linked the CSS file  to your PHP file and put every class from your CSS file in separate DIV tags in your PHP file, you are able to arrange the placement and format of each class by using simple drag and drop mechanism. For more details, you can watch the video about how to make a simple landing page for POF using Dreamweaver to understand the procedure of making a landing page by using Dreamweaver step by step. In the video, it also shows scripts which is ready-to-use that you can use to get your page to work. And then, after you watch the video you will see that the process is very fast and easy.

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