How to Catch a Catfish on PlentyOfFish

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Plenty Of Fish as one of online dating sites helps people to find their soulmate with various kinds of features such as search engine, match algorithms, meet me, personality assessments, favorites, flirts, viewed me, mobile users, local events, top prospects, email updates and call. Plenty Of Fish does not only offer free membership but also offers a purchased membership where the members can enjoy the additional features like knowing the date and time someone viewed your profile, viewing if your messages were read or deleted, seeing people’s extended profile,  displaying first on Meet Me, the ability of sending 3 gifts per day, uploading 16 images and removing ads.

Talk about online dating, when we join, we have to be careful. There, we will ‘meet’ with a lot of strangers and we do not know about the real attitude of them. Have you heard about catfish? Catfish is someone who is pretending to be someone else online to get people to fall in love with her or him. Usually, the reason of being a catfish is to get money from the other users by using the Nigerian Prince scam. Free sites tend to own a higher percentage of catfish. If you are one of POF members, you have to be careful towards the catfish. The catfish usually will start contacting you as if they were interested in you. If then you both are close, the catfish will ask you to send them money. They will tell about a sob story such as being stuck in a foreign country or foreign city, or their money had been stolen. They will not ask you to send money directly to them or to their bank account but they will use a third party so that way the money doesn’t get traced. There is also another type of catfish that do not scam for money but to hurt you emotionally or physically by using your personal pleasure or stalking you.

To catch a catfish, you have to know the signs of a catfish. Here are some signs which indicates that an account is catfish.

  • Their profile picture seems generic and there are only a couple images on their profile.
  • The personal story of the users seems does not make sense and made up.
  • They rush to get you off POF and onto email or the other platforms.
  • They often avoid to meet you in person.
  • They ask you for some money.

You can avoid being catfished by doing several tips below.

  • You have to use your common sense by knowing the signs.
  • You have to trust your instincts. If you think an account is suspicious, it probably is.
  • Never send money to someone that you have never met.
  • If you will go on a date with that person, make sure that you go to a famous place and it should be crowded.
  • You can use the service of POF like people search. POF provides in depth dating background checks and individual reverse searches like reverse email search, reverse username search, reverse phone search and reverse image.

Well, you have to be careful when you are using an online dating. But, it also doesn’t mean that you suspect every account on POF.

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