How to Delete POF Account on App

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For some people, joining an online dating websites like Plenty of Fish can give a lot of fun. You can find someone who suits with your ideal type by just looking around on the internet. There are more than 100.000 users joining this website, so the chance of getting to meet someone is very high. After you found one or two users of Plenty of Fish, the ones that close to your ideal partner, you are able to kill your time by chatting with them. You can talk every single thing with your possible partners. The most recommended things are related to you, your possible partner, and the relationship of you two. When you are really like someone, you probably will go on date with them. In the date, you are able to talk and share any thing with them.

Talking and sharing to someone is a fun and exciting thing, especially when both of you have a lot of common things including hobbies, books, movies, foods, and the other preferences. Sometimes, everything you have planned do not work well as you wished. Just like any other online dating websites, by joining Plenty of Fish, you might get some troubles such as the other users of Plenty of Fish who are rude, harsh, not polite, and so on. this kind of thing can make the situation uncomfortable. With those problems, there might an eager to delete the app of your Plenty of Fish. Aside from that reason, some other reasons behind your desire to delete your app of POF are that you have found your lover and it will be so strange when you still have the app of POF installed on your phone. Another possibility is that you get the boredom that makes you really want to stay away from Plenty of Fish by deleting it.

Then, what is the method to delete POF account on app? For those the users of Android, here are some instructions to delete the account of Plenty of Fish. The first thing that should be done is to open the app of Plenty of Fish on Google Play Store. Then, you have to go to “Account”. This one is located under the menu of Play store. Next, touch “Subscriptions”. Afterward, please tap on the app of subscription you would like to cancel. Lastly, tap “Cancel” and also “Yes” as the confirmation of the cancellation of the POF app on your Android phone. After that, your Android phone will be free from that dating website called Plenty of Fish.

For those the users of iOS devices including iPad or iPhone the first step is go to the menu of Setting. Then, iTunes and App Store. Then, touch your Apple ID that you can find at the top of the screen. The next thing is to touch “View Apple ID”. Afterward, touch “Subscriptions”. Then, next one is touch the Plenty of Fish membership. After that, there are some options that can be used to cancel your monthly membership. Lastly, touch “Cancel Subscription” to cancel your subscription.

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