How to Get More Dates on PlentyOfFish

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PlentyOfFish (POF) is an online dating website. There, you can find a lot of single women and men with interesting and unique profile. If you are still single and you have a plan to look for someone, you can try to use this site. This site is free and you can enjoy some features like using the search function, participate in the forums, email members and create a profile. POF also has premium services as a part of upgraded membership. If you pay for one year in advance, the cost is $5.95 per month but if you pay for three months at a time the cost is $9.80 per month. This premium membership can allow you to make a profile and message that stand out to the other members with a special gold star designation.

When you use this site, of course you hope that you can get someone who you are looking for. To find someone is not easy. So, you have to try to know more people to get to know their characteristics. It means you have to get more dates, right? How to do that on PlentyOfFish? See the tips below.

  • Take advantage of advanced search criteria. By filtering thousands profiles, you can find a good match and it is like trying to find a diamond in a coal mine. You also have to screen women based on specific attributes which are important to you such as whether she practises a particular religion, has children, or whether she smokes or not. Never compromise on the areas which are crucial to you, particularly if you are searching for a relationship that is serious. You also have to make sure that you sort your matches by most recent login. If she has not been active recently, she perhaps will not respond to you. Then, you also can use the advanced search function to choose a particular hobby or keyword such as traveling. Then, send a message about traveling to every woman in the search results which appeals to you.
  • Keep your messages short and sweet. According to OKCupid data analysts, short messages usually get the highest response rates.
  • Use copy/ paste messages. Using copy and paste messages will works and it will save your time. You need a proven ‘go-to’ icebreaker messages which you can send to multiple women in just a few minutes. Keep the messages short and simple. Make it something creative which catches her eye and is fun to answer.
  • Know when to ask her out.┬áThousands messages that led to dates usually depends on the ideal time to ask for the date. The good time to ask her date is after she sent you 2 or 3 messages. You also can offer her two date options.

Looking for someone who you want is not an easy thing. But, never give up! You can try again and again to send messages to women to get more dates. If you then find someone that match with you, you can make a serious relationship and be a happy couple.

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