How to Get Women to Respond Online on PlentyOfFish

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When you use an online dating platform like POF to find a soulmate, it can be a simple thing to do. On the other hand, it also can be a hard thing to do because we have to post everything carefully. If we post something bad or perhaps tell about our profile too much, it is not impossible that the women will run away from you.

To start communication with women online also is not an easy thing. We have to think about the suitable topic that we can talk, how to say hi first, and what kind of sentences that we do not talk to her so that she will respond our chat. To help you solve this problem, we provide you some tips to send messages that will get replies from women.

  1. You can mention something from her profile. If you want to get replies from a woman when you send a message in the first message, you have to make sure that it is unique. You can get something from her profile which indicates that you have taken the time to get to know her. The things of her profile can give you a lot of content to work with when you are crafting the first message.
  2. You have to be respectful but casual. What does it mean? You can write a message which is the same with how you will speak. Then, leave out empty greetings or use slang words. When you utter your words, note that you have to be respectful but do not forget to show your sense of humor.
  3. End with a question. If you want to increase your opportunity to get reply from her, you need to end with a question. It can prompt her to respond and much sooner than they otherwise would. Instead of ending the sentence of your chat with ‘chat later’ or ‘hope to hear from you soon’, it is better if you ask question that relates to their description, photos or even interests.
  4. Do not compliment about her body parts. If you do that, they will think that you are only interested in that thing. If you want to give a compliment, just compliment about her interests, her photos, her personality or the fact that you have a lot of similarities with her.
  5. Never include contact information. If you give or request contact information in a first message, it is too strong and she will think that you are too aggressive. You can persuade her by making her feel comfortable and permitting her to trust you. It is very important because when you are doing online dating, you are a stranger for her. Besides, by giving or asking contact information in your first message will make her think that you have a hidden motives which then she will not feel comfortable.

Okay, make sure that you follow all the tips above so that you can get responses from her. Thank you for reading this article which talk about how to get response from women on PlentyOfFish. Good luck!

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