How to Sell Yourself on POF

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When you create an account in PlentyOfFish, you will be required to fill your headline, photos and the other things that describe your profile. It seems easy but actually you have to give the best effort in writing about your profile. You know what? If you write a wrong sentence or upload a wrong photo, it can be a reason why others are not interested in you.

Well, if you create an account in an online dating platform such as POF, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed that you can find your love. An online platform just provides a place and features for you to look for your love. But, you also have to make an effort to make your profile interesting so that people will chat with you and even go dating with you. Here, we have some tips about how to sell yourself on POF that you can try to apply.

  1. Your profile picture must be clear head shot and it is better if you look at the camera. The profile photo also must be in line with your brand, attention grabbing and say something about you and your interests.
  2. Describe your hobbies. Avoid to state your hobbies outwardly. Instead of writing that you like to play soccer or travel, it is better to tell what you like about those things. Making lists which are boring can make the people skip you.
  3. Describe what you are looking for. In this section, you can talk about what kind of girl that you want.
  4. Describe what your profession in  a cool way. It is better if you do not tell what you do but you can make it sound magical. You can make it sound like something that people want to hear more about.
  5. Do not tell about personal identifiers on your profile. Personal identifiers here means where you live, work or any personal contact information. You have to remember it because writing those things can be dangerous. Stranger danger is real!
  6. Never tell about your previous relationships. If you do that, it will give an impression that you are still not over them and the situation will scare people off.
  7. Do not talk about your health issues. If you think that you need to discuss it,  you do not need to be very specific about it. You can tell about that in details when you get to know each other with your soulmate.

When you create a profile in POF, you have to make sure that it reflects who you are. You have to avoid giving too much information in your profile to help you show that you are quality partner who is worthy of a second glance. By marketing yourself better, we ensure that you will not only attract more people but you will also able to take it to the next level and finally live happily. Well, you can try to follow the tips above and hopefully you will get the success in attracting someone.

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