How to Upload Images on PlentyOfFish

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PlentyOfFish is an online dating platform that is popular mainly in Canada, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. This is a free platform but it also offers premium membership that you need to pay. When you use this platform, you will be required to write your profile and also upload your profile picture. If you want to upload your images, the steps are very simple.

  1. First, you have to login to your account by entering your username or email and also your password.
  2. After that, on the menu, you have to click Images. In this stage, you have to click the green Click to Upload Image button.
  3. Then, choose your image.

When you want to upload an image, you have to remember that you cannot upload any images that you want. You also have to think about the other things because here you are like ‘selling’ yourself. So, make sure that you upload an interesting image. But, it does not mean that you have to upload a nudity because if you do that, your account can be deleted. A profile picture is your opportunity to make a first impression. So, make sure that you upload the image that represents you in a positive and appealing way. Looks are not necessarily what the other members are considering when they review your image.

OkCupid tried to examine a big cache of user picture and messaging information. It reveals that the photos of men are most effective when they look away from the camera with the face that do not smile. Different from photos of men, photos of women are usually liked by the most men if the women in the photos make eye contact with flirty faces. With this photo, women will get significantly higher responses from men than women who avert their gaze. Then, you also upload the image that is contrast. POF is white, blue, grey and black. So, you have to upload the image especially profile picture which visually stand out against the backdrop so that you will look clear, vibrant, and crisp, not hazy, dull and blent in.

You can also upload an image where you are doing something really cool. This could be on some wonder of the world, playing guitar, surfing, singing on a microphone on a stage, skateboarding and many more photos which is different and interesting. Uploading an image where you are with an animal is also not a bad idea. OkCupid data also discovered that the profile picture of men with that themes can receive the highest number of responses from women. This is because women are born with a high dose of empathy but for men this has to be learned. Perhaps, women are picking more empathetic men or perhaps they see that cute animal will make them feel more empathetic toward you. Last but not least, make sure that you are wearing a good outfit with several nice fashion, having a great and sexy hairstyle and also having a good facial hair style.

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