How to Use POF Username Search Software

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Are you still single? Well, looking for someone that can match with us is not an easy matter. Moreover, if we have some specific types. In an era where the advanced technology can really help humans, now people also can look for their soulmate by the help of technology. With the sophistication of internet people can do that. There are some websites that provide services to help you find your soulmate. There, you can find someone based on your preference. One of the websites that provides this service is PlentyOfFish (POF).

PlentyOfFish (POF) is very popular in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ireland. The company of this dating online website is in Vancouver, British Columbia. To be a member of POF is free but POF also offers premium services as part of their upgraded membership. POF provides several features such as search engine, match algorithms, personality assessments, meet me, favorites, flirts, viewed me, mobile users, local events, top prospects, email updates and call. But, if you are a paid membership, you will have some additional features such as showing up first on meet me, viewing people’s extended profile, seeing if your sent messages were read or deleted, knowing the date and time someone viewed your profile, sending three gifts per day, uploading 16 images and removing ads.

In POF, there is also POF username search software to search for anyone by username. This search software is made to make the users easy to look for someone based on username. Then, how to use this POF username search software? Follow the instructions below.

  1. The first step that you have to do is to enter the username of a person that you want to look for on POF.
  2. After that, hit the “POF Username Search” button. The results of search will come up in the programs listbox but how long it will take, it depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  3. The results that are matching will appear in the programs listbox. Single clicking a search result will show a preview of that person profile. If you double click a search result, it will take you to that person profile page in your computers default web browser.

When you find that the software does not work as it should, you have to make sure that you run POF username search unzipped. It means when you download this software, it must be in a .zip file. You have to right click this downloaded .zip to show a menu. In the menu , there will be the option to unzip the .zip. Then, you are able to run the software successfully from the unzipped folder. If you have any questions about this software program, you can contact the unlimited technical support by whatever channel of communications that includes phoning to (860) 248-5425, Skype to scrapersNbots, or via live chat box that is in the lower right hand corner of all pages on this site.

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