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Plenty of Fish which is also known as POF is one of the most popular online dating websites. This one has a lot of users including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil,  France, Netherlands, and so on. Plenty of People has about 100 million users and about 10 million users online everyday in the whole world. with those amount, you will get a lot of chances to meet someone special.

If you want to know more about Plenty of Fish, you can visit the official website of it. The website is so simple with white as the main color. In the homepage, you will see some main menus including Inbox, Meet Me, Search, Online, Chemistry, and Upgrade. The Inbox menu which is the first one in the left side is probably one of the most visited especially for those who are already a member of Plenty of Fish.

When you click Inbox, then you will be directed to the page of Inbox. In the page of POF com inbox aspx which is on the right side of the page, there are two columns that you have to be filled. The first one is usenrname or email column and the second one is the password column. Please fill the first column with the email or the username when you first registered. If you forgot your username, then you can fill the column with the email instead. It goes one way around when you forgot the email. If in the first column you can either fill the username or the email, in the second one, you do not have option. There, you have to fill it with the password. It is the same one when you registered the account. Please fill the column well by counting every digit of it. As you probably know, password is like the most risk thing when it comes to the account. If you forgot the password, the best thing is to dig your memory as deep as possible and then refill the password. Once you are confident with the username or the email and its password, it is time for you to hit the “Check Mail!” button. It is the blue one. After that, you will be directed to the page of the inbox.

In the page of inbox, you can find some messages sent by the other users of Plenty of Fish who are interested on you, if there is any. They might ask you some question related to yourself and your ideal type. Be ready to answer all of the question. Actually, you do not have to replay all the question. Just replay the ones that attract you and ignore the rest ones. Aside from that, some users might just greet you and some might straightforward ask you to meet or to be their partner. Please be careful with those kind of users. Do not fall into trap and think first before deciding.

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