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Are you a user of Plenty of Fish? If the answer is yes, then you might have some questions regarding it. In this opportunity, you will be informed about Plenty of Fish deleted user, as a lot of users wonder. Please keep reading this article to know more.

If you were deleted from the official website of Plenty of Fish and you do not have the slightly idea of what happened, the simple answer is that you might broke one of the rules of the site. Here are some possible reasons that might have happened.

First, you are looking for the casual sex. The main goal of Plenty of Fish is to help the singles find dates and relationships. For those who were looking for the casual sex, you are not accepted. If you are just looking for that thing, you will be deleted from the website.

Second, you are married and not separated. As you know, Plenty of Fish is a place for people who are looking to date and find a relationship. By being married means that you are already committed to someone else. This might why you were deleted on the website.

Third, you are a scammer, a spammer, a fake, an underage, or soliciting a business. Plenty of Fish has something like filter that can intercept almost 98% of the potential users mentioned above. The system works before they are even able to sign up.

Fourth, you are rude to the other users. Once you are rude or send the inappropriate messages to the other users of Plenty of Fish, you will be blocked by those users you are sending messages to.As addition, you will be deleted if you are being blocked too frequently. Another thing is that Plenty of Fish has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination related race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, and so on.

Fifth, you post the inappropriate photos. You are not allowed to post the nude or inappropriate photos on the website. As stated in the first one, Plenty of Fish has system and the active users that can put the red flag on those inappropriate photos. In this case, you will be deleted even if your profile is hidden.

Sixth, you are from the country when Plenty of Fish does not exist yet. When you log in from the country where Plenty of Fish does not yet have a presence, your account might be flagged and deleted.

So, which one is yours? Think about it and remember about what you might have done. If no one of the possible reasons mentioned above apply to you, then there is a possibility that you might have deleted mistakenly. However, this is so rare.

Plenty of Fish always keep improving each day to ensure that it has the positive thing. Maintaining the website as the place for the healthy relationship and the users are safe will always be its main priority. So, anyone who has the negative impact will not be welcomed.

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  1. My username on POF was Tizzlewizzle, but I deleted the profile entirely because I’m married now. But when you put “Tizzlewizzle” in the Google search tab, my pictures come up. Why? This is so rude and disrespectful. I’M MARRIED NOW!!!!! And neither did I get a POF email stating that my profile was deleted. I put my username, email, password, to delete my profile but it’s still floating around on Google. The link for my pictures are directly tied to POF. I need answers!

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