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For you who are still single, it’s time for you to find out your soulmate. Now, a lot of online dating platforms are available in the internet such as Plenty Of Fish, Cupid, Match, Tinder, Passion and many more. Plenty Of Fish is one of online dating sites that is very popular. A lot of people from around the world try to look for their soulmate by using this app. The fame of this site is proven by the announcement that was done by Google Trends by 2015 that Plenty Of Fish ranked as the number one searched-for free dating site.

Plenty Of Fish offers a lot of features that can maximize your effort in finding your soulmate. Those features are search engine, match algorithms, personality assessments, meet me, favorites, viewed me, flirts, mobile users, local events, top prospects, email updates, and call. These features can be used by all the members of Plenty Of Fish. But, if you are a paid member, you will be given some additional features such as showing up first on Meet Me, viewing people’s extended profile, seeing if your sent messages were read or deleted, knowing the date and time someone viewed your profile, sending three virtual gifts per day, uploading 16 images and removing ads. These premium features are claimed to be able to make you stand out and also have more chances to find your date mate.

Are you a new member on Plenty Of Fish? Then, sometimes it is a little bit confused how to login to the full site of Plenty Of Fish if you are new. But, actually you do not have to worry because the site of Plenty Of Fish is designed simply so that the members can access it easily. If you want to login, the first thing that you have to do is of course to access www.pof.com in your browser. You can access it from your PC, laptop or your smartphone. Then, in the homepage of the site, you will see a lot of things. You just need to go to the top right side of the page where you will find Sign In, Help and Register. Select Sign in and you will be directed to a page that contains of username search and sign in box. Go to the right side of the page where you will have to fill in your username or email and also your password. Then, click Check Mail. Actually, these login box is also available in the homepage of this site and you can fill in your username and your password directly in that page.

Well, joining Plenty Of Fish to find your soulmate is a good decision. You can communicate with many people to try to match yourself with them. There are more than 88 million users on Plenty Of Fish who come to connect, flirt and share with each other, resulting in more than 10 million conversations each day. So, you can login to your account now and find your soulmate there!

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