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One of the online dating websites is called Plenty of Fish. this one is one of the most favorites as there are 100 million account in this online dating service. Everyday, more than 10 million users visiting this website. All of them share the same goal which is to find their special ones either the lovers or the best friends.

If you are not the member yet but you are interested in Plenty of Fish, then it is your time to join the website. You can access the website online through your personal computer, laptop, or the other devices. If you want to access it via your phone as you can do it anywhere and anytime, you can also download the app on your smartphone. Please get this free app on App Store Store for the users of iOS, on Play Store for the users of Android, and on Windows Store for the users of Windows phone.

Plenty of Fish provides the good features for its users. Every feature for single ones is so easy. Some of the features are the criteria you want to see someone who interest, the inbox features for single people who can inbox you and contact you everytime, the features called “Meet Me” for single people who want to know you so close, the features to search including basic search, advanced search, and search by username, the feature to test your chemistry with the other online dating users in this website, and so on.

One of the most special features of Plenty of Fish is Plenty of Fish Meet Me. For a relationship, the distance is important. With this feature, you are able to know Plenty of Fish Meet Me search radius. It will be so interesting to see how distance work for the others. This Meet Me feature often has people over 300kms away. Apparently, Plenty of Fish can catch more than 1000kms away. For your information, you can put your search distance to short distance if you do not want to contact with people too far.

The distance has become some issues for some cases. The users who live in the far area also can find you and contact with you. Some users stated that this POF Meet Me search radius is seriously flawed. Actually, this feature is great but it is horribly executed.

According to what some people write in some of the threads posted about this POF Meet Me search radius, this distance issues are same as the paid members as for use freebies. If you want to know more about the issue, you can visit the forum and join the threads. Many users have told their suggestions for the improvement but the representative of Plenty of Fish pay a little attention to it.

If you have any questions related to this Plenty of Fish Meet Me search radius, you are better to call the customer service of Plenty of Fish. Hopefully, you can get the best answer.

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