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Plenty of Fish is known as one of the biggest online dating websites in this entire world. This website has been a heaven for a lot of single men and women for more than 15 years. Its dedication put the website in the high place as it has received a lot of achievements in the industry and has gained trust from the customers. Right now, Plenty of Fish has over 100 million users and 10 million users online everyday. In this website, every single man or woman is able to find someone special who is close to the ideal type. In fact, Plenty of Fish is not that perfect. Several errors have happened regarding Plenty of Fish. Some of them are involved the official website of Plenty of Fish. Sometimes, the website is not working. This situation is surely not comfortable for the users of Plenty of Fish.

On May 26th, 2015, a feature of Plenty of Fish named “Viewed Me” was down. A lot of Plenty of Fish users were coming forward to the representative of Plenty of Fish complaining and stressing that this feature is not working. The situation was really chaos at that time. This problem seemed simple but it was impacted thousands. Some users even flooding the forum related to Plenty of Fish, some of them flooding the social media, some of them sent emails to the representatives of Plenty of Fish. The question is what did really happen at that time? According to the report, the culprit was the feature of Plenty of Fish named “Viewed Me”, as stated before. This feature had affected to the other ones.

There have been times when the website of Plenty of fish goes offline. The situation makes more than 3 million active daily users are left the community. It is such an unfortunate thing because they left without the ability to find their perfect date.

Actually, it is such a rare situation when Plenty of Fish goes down with such reports hitting the headlines a few times a year. But, when it happens, there will be a chaos in some social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. All of the are flooding the timeline with their posts and tweets trying to find out when the service will be back up. Actually, most of the posts and tweets are just wondering what is wrong with the service.

Plenty of Fish not working is not always related to the website. This situation could also have problems with the apps of your smartphone.In this case, you have to check your phone, fix it, and try to access Plenty of Fish again. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can seek for a help from the expert.

In conclusion, whenever Plenty of Fish is not working, the first thing you have to do is to find out the possible cause. You can check the social media first. There, check if the other users also complaining. If they complain, then the problem is indeed on the website. If there is not any, then the problem is on you.

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  1. Please open my pof account. I have been signed up for a long time and now unable to get to my account

  2. Ever time I try to get into my account it tells me my user name or password is wrong.i know it is right so why won’t it let me in?

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