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For some people, finding out someone special is not an easy thing. Everyone surely has criteria about their ideal type. Now, there are a lot of platforms that you can find in the internet that can help people to find out their soulmate based on their preference. One of popular online dating platforms is Plenty Of Fish (POF). This company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This platform is best known in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Ireland, and Australia.

This platform began in 2003. Everyday, there are about 3.6 million members logging in and 10 million conversations. This site can be a place for people to meet a variety of singles who are looking for friendship, casual dating and serious relationships. POF offers free membership and also premium membership. A premium membership will require you to pay for some money to enjoy some upgraded features. POF has a variety of features that can support the users in looking for someone that is suitable with their preference. The features that is owned by POF are Match Algorithms, Search Engine, Personality Assessments, Meet Me, Favorites, Flirts, Viewed Me, Mobile Users, Local Events, Top Prospects, Email Updates and Call.

Search engine is one of POF features can be used by the members to find someone based on a long list of criteria such as age, intent, ethnicity, education, location, astrological sign and many more.  On POF, there are three types of search engine: Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search. In the basic search, you can open up basic POF search page. In that search, you are able fill in your search requirements like city, gender, postal code, age range, and many more. In advanced search, you can also enter your search requirements like intent, city, gender, age range, and many more. But, in this search engine you will be able to enter more details information so that the chance to find the suitable partner is bigger. Different from the basic search and advanced search, username search enables the users of POF to find someone by entering the username. You just need to enter the username of someone in a box that is located at User search and then hit Find User button. After that you will be shown a list of the profiles of POF users that you searched by username. This search can work effectively to find out a person that you want if you know the exact username of them.

To find out your soulmate, you can try to look for it by using the three types of search engine that are provided by POF. POF provides this features to help people effectively in finding out their soulmate. Well, finding out someone special is not easy. But, by the help of the features of POF, which one of them is search engine features, the effort of you to find your soulmate can be easier. You can access POF now and search your soulmate!

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