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Are you here because you are one of the users of Plenty of Fish? if yes, then you must know about POF including about its official website and the features on it. Plenty of Fish has a section called Meet Me. There is a new feature added to the Plenty of Fish Meet Me section which is called the Super Yes button. In this page, you are going to know about that brand new feature added to Plenty of Fish as well as some more changes to expect from POF in the future.

This Super Yes section is more known as POF Super Yes. This button is the fourth button of Plenty of Fish. This section is basically the Plenty of Fish version of Hot or Not feature. In this section, you can judge the profile member pictures as the new images of the other members are loaded for you to judge. When you click the Yes button, it means that you want to meet them, think they are hot, and so on. in short, you tell the other person that you are really into them. Every user who send the button of Super Yes is part of 56.3% more likely to get the mutual match. Please send the Super Yes by using the blue Super Yes button. This button is located in between the yes and the no buttons on Meet Me. If you enter the button, they are sent the email indicating so. This step will cause the user to view your profile and there will be an interaction if they are interested on you.

As stated before, if you press the Super Yes button, the user is sent the same email they would be sent of you press Yes with some exceptions. Those exceptions include you get to pay for the opportunity to waste your money to show your interest and they are notified that you went the extra mile.

To send Super Yes, you have to use Plenty of Fish tokens. Every time you you this Super Yes, you use up one token. Please get POF tokens on the official place. Apparently, you can purchase 1, 5, or 10 tokens at a time. For your information, the token packages of Plenty of Fish are billed in full at the time of your purchase. In addition, it also will expire after 6 months. So, please use your Plenty of Fish tokens well.

Talking about Plenty of Fish Super Yes, the possibility of bad thing is there. The worse case that might come from that Super Yes button on Plenty of Fish is this will act as the signal or the indicator to gold digging women that the user is stupid and the target or taking the advantage of the desperation.

Before pressing the Super Yes button, please think a bit and consider everything. As stated before, this button might cause the bad thing. To prevent the bad situation, please just use this button wisely.

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