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Plenty of Fish can be counted as one of the most popular online dating services in this whole world. More than 100 million users have joined into the community. Everyone on the site shares the same goal which is finding their loved one.

In the online dating website like Plenty of Fish, there is a term called token. This term is more known as Plenty of Fish token or POF token in Plenty of Fish. What is the term? In this article, you will be given some information about it. so, please read the entire article o find out the answer to the question.

Sometimes, you might be able to purchase the limited, personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable licence with the real world money to use the virtual items. It includes the Plenty of Fish token that are redeemable for the other visual items such as Super Yeses and Highlighter. You are only able to get the virtual items form Plenty of Fish or the authorized partners via the service and not in any other place.

Whatever the terminology used, the virtual items represent the limited license right governed by this agreement. Some of them might only be used during the certain period and upon the expiration the time period any unused virtual items expire. In some cases, the unused virtual items can be redeemed at the expiration and provide you the feature related to. In this case, there will be no unused virtual items when the license period expires. However, you are not obligated to do so, except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law.

This kind of agreement should not be construed as the sale of any rights in the virtual items. For your information, any virtual item balance does not constitute the real world balance. It also does not reflect any store value. On the other hand, it constitutes the measurement of the extent of the license instead.

There is no fee of virtual items for non-use. However, the license granted hereunder to the virtual items will terminate in the accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. It will be terminated when Plenty of Fish ceases providing the service or the agreement.

Plenty of Fish has the right to charge the fees for the right to access or use the virtual items and or might distribute the virtual items with our without charge. Please purchase and use the virtual items via the Software Store. Plenty of Fish can manage, regulate, control, modify, or eliminate the virtual items at any time. This website has no ability to you or nay third party in the event that Plenty of Fish exercises those kind of right. You cannot transfer the visual items as it is prohibited by Plenty of Fish. aside from that, you also cannot sell or redeem them.

Do you want to know more about Plenty of Fish token? Please visit the official website of Plenty of Fish. if you have any questions and want to talk directly to its representative, please call the customer service of Plenty of Fish.

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