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Online dating website has become common thing in this world. Talking about online dating website, Plenty of Fish or POF deserves to be on the list. What is Plenty of Fish? This website is the free online dating service provider and matchmaking service for singles. It is so popular in a lot of countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, the United States, and so on. Its popularity is approved by the amount of users joined in which is more than 100 million users. Every day, there are about 10 million users online on this website.

Do you want to join Plenty of Fish? Go visit the official website of it first. In the website, you will find some information about Plenty of Fish including its services. Talking about the official website of Plenty of Fish, there is a term related to it called POF Webmaster.

POF Webmaster is known for webmaster of Plenty of Fish. Do you know webmaster? Have you ever heard this one? What is webmaster exactly? You might have ever heard a couple of times about webmaster. Webmaster is one of the professions in this world, especially in the field of technology. People use different name to call webmaster. Some people use the term web designer, web developer, web administrator, or web programmer, to call webmaster.  A lot of jobs are affiliation with webmaster. So, basically, Plenty of Fish webmaster is a person or a group who is responsible to build the official website of Plenty of Fish and keep it runs. The job of POF webmaster is to manage the website of Plenty of Fish. In this case, the webmaster have to do work jobs including creating, updating, and developing programs. They also have to maintain the website by remaining exist, attracting the visitors, and avoiding the damage and the travel business that comes from both inside and outside, whether caused by software errors or because of human errors.

Just like any other webmasters, Plenty of Fish webmasters also have faced some problems. There was a report stated that some people when view a profile then hit at back arrow to return to the last page. Then, it confronted with the dialog box that reported the “MALFORMED URL”. When the OK button clicked, the second box popped up and stated the same thing.

Some issues has hit the official website of Plenty of Fish and has never happened anywhere else. The website of Plenty of Fish has a lot of people to access. This one looks running well in all other aspects. Aside from the issue above, there was also the case down bug for the browser that the fraction of the percent of the servers use, chances are it is the browser that does not support the follow tag or the image of swapping Javascript. Some people also have complained about the format of the website. The log in issue is one of them. It keeps asking for the password over and over again. In fact, resetting password will not help to delete the story and cookies.

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  1. Request the phone # . for POF Customer Service . P{lease provide an email address and phone #
    my account was hacked and I want to close it and d elete the account.

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