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Plenty Of Fish is one of online dating sites in the world. You can access this site in the internet to find out your soulmate easily. Plenty Of Fish is very popular especially in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Brazil and Australia. This platform started in 2003  by Markus Frind and now, there are more than 90 million users that are registered in POF globally. Everyday, there are about 3.6 million users of POF logging in and also 10 million conversations occur.

POF has some features to help people in finding their soulmate. They are search engine, meet me, favorites, flirts, match algorithms, call, email updates, personal assessments, viewed me, mobile users, local events, and top prospects. The members can enjoy those features for free. But, POF also provides paid membership. For paid members, they can enjoy more awesome features that can make them have bigger chances to find their soulmate. They can pay US $39.99 for three months, US $64.99 for six months, and US $89.99 for twelve months.

When you are using POF, there are some technical things that perhaps you do not understand. This kind of experience is usually felt by the members who have just joined. Some technical things that we mean such as yellow marks, hourglass, green mark, white circle, clock signals, and many others. Here, we are going to discuss about some of those things so that you will not be confused again when you are using the service of POF. So, check this out!

  • Green dot in POF means that you are online.
  • Yellow sign/ clock means that he is away. When you are using Plenty Of Fish and then you see a yellow sign on a person’s account, it means that he was online not long ago.
  • Red sign means busy.
  • Empty circle sign means offline.

Well, Plenty Of Fish offers the easiness of looking for someone special for you. When a new member signs up to the website, they will be required for their basic information and also their picture. The site then offers a chemistry test where the members will have to answer a series of questions to establish their character. The data from this, then will be used to match people with the other users who are believed that they will have a spark with. They make bold claims as well about the dating training that they offer suggesting that they can. After being match, the members of Plenty Of Fish can decide if they would like to begin messaging them on the site. Then, it will be up to the members whether they would like to chat more or even meet in person. So, for you who are still single, you can try to look for someone special in this platform. When you are using this site, make sure that you say something good and do not make people upset. You also have to obey the terms of services.

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