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Plenty of Fish is counted as one of the biggest online dating websites in the world. This website has served for a lot of single men and women for more than 15 years. With its dedication, it has received a lot of achievements in the industry and has gained trust from the customers. The data stated that right now it has over 100 million users and 10 million users everyday. In this website, every single man or woman can look for someone special who is close to the ideal type. However, Plenty of Fish is not that perfect. There are several errors happened regarding Plenty of Fish. Some of them include the website of Plenty of Fish.

On May 26 2015. A feature of Plenty of Fish called “Viewed Me” was down. A lot of its users were coming forward complaining and stressing that this feature is not working. The situation was really worse at that time. This problem was impacted thousands. Some users were flooding the forum related to Plenty of Fish, some of them sent emails to the representatives of Plenty of Fish. What did really happen at that time?

The error on Plenty of Fish occurred when the screen shown “no Internet connection error” when they were trying to access the app of Plenty of Fish on the official website of Plenty of Fish and the mobile device including the app on Android and the app on iOS. Why did Plenty of Fish say no Internet connection? Normally, WiFi or cellular network takes all the blame but it was not the case with the app of Plenty of Fish. Everyone was connecting to all websites fine, apart from Plenty of Fish. The screen showed that they got either “no internet connection” error or the error occurred.

As addition, one user of Plenty of Fish said that they could not look at the profiles and just kept getting error reports and when they clicked on the profile, it just returned back to the home page. Another one mentioned that there was an error loading “Viewed Me” on Plenty of Fish. they were on Plenty o Fish but they could not see who viewed me.

Basically, the main issue was many users were having issues trying to access to the app of Plenty of Fish but some users pointed to the feature of Plenty of Fish named “Viewed Me”. Unfortunately, the report also gave more details that the “Viewed Me” feature took the biggest issues. One user stated that they could not see who “Viewed Me” feature on the official website of Plenty of Fish. another one said that there was “Can’t open any profiles on my POF app”.

At the time, a lot of users were worried that the “Viewed Me” feature seemed has gone to those that pay for premium features. Could this assumption true? Unfortunately, the support team of Plenty of Fish  have not responded to the issue, even when the blogs were full of complaints.

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