Say Goodbye to Fat Women on PlentyOfFish

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Looking for someone for being a soulmate is not as easy as you think. The process also will take time until you can really get the one that you want. The process that you have to undergo is  like approaching, going on a date and then go to the higher level of relationship if you both match. But if you both do not match, you have to look for another woman again. Moreover, some of you perhaps some criteria such as:

–          You want to look for someone that has the same or higher level of education.

–          You want to look for someone that does not smoke.

–          You want to look for someone that loves animals etc.

Now, there are a lot of platforms that provide service to help people to find their soulmate. One of the platforms that is popular is Plenty Of Fish. This platform offers a lot of features to support the members to find their soulmate easily. The features that are owned by Plenty Of Fish are Search Engine, Match Algorithms, Personality Assessments, Meet Me, Favorites, Flirts, Viewed Me, Mobile Users, Local Events, Top Prospects, Email Updates and Call.

As we mentioned above that some of you perhaps have preference about your ideal type of women. Some of you perhaps do not want to meet a fat woman during you use Plenty Of Fish. Actually, on Plenty Of Fish, you can specify what type of woman that you like. So, how to do that? The first thing that you have to do is to sign in and then you go to Edit Profile. From there, you can see that there is an About You section. In this section, there are some key questions that they ask you and depending on you say Yes or No, you will appear at different women feeds or you will appear less often on other feeds. Now, go down at the bottom that says “Would you date someone that has BBW or a few extra pounds selected as a body type?”. In the answer box in the right side, there are three choices of answers that consist of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘I only date a few extra pounds or BBW’. If you do not want to try to attract any fat women, then you can choose No. By doing that, you will not really appear in their feeds as often.

In this section, you also have to answer the other questions such as “Would you date someone who smokes?”, “Do you do drugs?”, “Do you drink?”, “Do you own a car?”, “Do you have children?”, “Would you date someone who has kids?”, “Do you have pets?” and many more. You just need to answer the questions based on your preference. Well, it is very easy to decide what kind of women that you can meet in Plenty Of Fish, isn’t it? You can try to apply this now. Grab your laptop or smartphone. Access your Plenty Of Fish account and get the woman that you want!

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