Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles

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PlentyOfFish is one of online dating services site which the largest and the most popular in the world. It is established in Vancouver, British Columbia by Markus frind in 2003. There are millions people who join this PlentyOfFish online dating services. You are able to find a lot of members and you can also ask them to meet you or make relationship with you. If you are a single woman who is looking for special someone, this is site where you may get a man you like. However, you have to know some thinks men hate about PlentyOfFish profile. Well, based on this case, we want to share you the things which the men hate about the women POF profile.

No Profile Picture

The first thing which the men hate about the women POF profile is you do not put your image on your PlentyOfFish profile. In fact, there are some women who do not use image profile. Maybe they think that it is their privacy or there are any other reasons. If you are a woman who is looking for a man, please you have to put your image on your PlentyOfFish profile. You have to put your best image on POF profile. If you are not confident, you can put your image when you are together with your friends. But, you have to remember that on that image, you are more attractive than your friends. Image on this (PlentyofFish) POF online dating site is very important. If you put your image on your PlentyOfFish profile so the men will not hate your profile. Even, it is going to make the men to know who you are.

Face Shot

Of course, your face is important part for showing your appearance. But, for some men they want to know you by looking your full length body shot. If you only show your face, it gives you impression that you are trying to hide something. Here, maybe the men need facts that do you a fat woman or slim woman. Therefore, the full length body shot is necessary. Of course, it does not means that all men just want a perfect woman but at least by showing your full body shot, you also show that you are self-confidence woman.

No Information about Yourself

Usually, some men hate on the woman PlentyOfFish profile which do not put their information about their self. If you are woman who do not put about yourself on your PlentyOfFish profile, it is make the men dislike about your POF profile. The men need information about yourself to know who you are. At least it is about your characters, hobbies or interest activity. The information which you put on your PlentyOfFish profile is one of the sources how the men can know who you are. If you do not put your information about yourself, how the men do are able to know you. However, to know the information about your self is can do by sending message or asking for you directly, but is better if you also put your information on PlentyOfFish profile.

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