Top Tip to See Who Has Sent a Meet Me Request on PlentyOfFish

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Plenty Of Fish is an online dating site that is popular in Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and Canada. By 2015, Google Trends announced that Plenty Of Fish was ranked as the number one search for free dating site. If you are interested in using POF, you do not have to worry about the fee because it is free but you also have an option to buy a membership. The fees are set from US $39.99 for three months, US $64.99 for six months, or US $89.99 for twelve months.

Plenty Of Fish offers several main features that can support you in looking for your soulmate. They are Match Algorithms, Search Engine, Meet Me, Personality Assessments, Flirts, Favorites, Viewed Me, Call, Email Updates, Top Prospects, Local Events, and Mobile Users. If you join the premium membership, you will get some additional services like viewing people’s extended profile, showing up first on Meet Me, knowing the date and time someone viewed your profile, seeing whether your sent messages were read or deleted, removing ads, uploading 16 images and also sending three gifts per day. Plenty Of Fish states that upgrading your membership can give you massive increase in messages, triples the number of people viewing your profile, makes you stand out in search results and more than triples your opportunities of meeting someone.

Meet Me as you can see above that it is one of the features of POF. This is available at the upper right hand corner of the screen on the menu options. Here, you will be given a person’s profile picture and a simple option: say yes, no or maybe. It will send an automated email to the recipient if they are online or not, saying you want to meet them. Besides, it is also a way to go through a large number of profiles quickly in a very short period of time. The more chances someone has to see you the more someone will see you, like you and even message you. This Meet Me feature also permits you to express interest in someone quickly without having to fully go into their profile and send them an actual message.

To see who sends Meet Me request, you need to modify your POF notification settings and use your email inbox. POF will notify you about various things which happen to your POF account regularly. POF notifications can also be sent to your email if you permit that. Because you want to receive notifications through your email to find out who sends Meet Me request to you, so you have to give such permission. To specify the types of POF notifications that can be sent to your email, you have to edit POF profile by clicking Edit Profile. Then, switch to Mail Settings tab. There you will see a lot of options that determine the types of POF notification which you are able to receive from your email.  The option that say “Send me an email when someone says yes to me on meet me” must be switched to Yes so you can receive the notifications of Meet Me from your email.

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